Greetings! We can move you to a new phone & internet carrier! We can relocate your business! We can reduce your fixed costs and expand your companies production! How many times have you heard the saying, “To stay in business you must be competitive.” The problem is who tells you how to be competitive. I will tell you it […]

Your infrastructure runs on cabling. I know that wireless can play an integral role, but there is nothing more dependable then a well installed cable system in Chicago. We recently upgraded a building in Chicago for LSL Industries. LSL has been in business longer than I have been alive. There network is exactly what I see […]

Unless you have a rock solid backup and you can afford down time, don’t let your moving company move your computers. Computers do not work well with being unplugged and moved by people that are more brawn then brains. Most small IT companies are also not prepared to handle a move. IT companies like employees […]

The only true system not in your control during a relocation is your phone and internet service. Carriers such as Cbeyond, XO, AT&T are the worst at meeting timelines. If you have anything more complicated than a few analog lines, then you need to give a carrier plenty of advanced notice (60 days if possible) […]

What the carriers don’t want you to know is they are a commodity for the most part. I don’t care if it is AT&T, Cbeyond, Comcast, Firstcom, Paetec or any other major in the Chicagoland area cost is the factor to consider. You will over pay if you are grouping your cell, Internet and phone […]

It never ceases to amaze me that a client will forget the very infrastructure their business runs on during a move… Remember that your phone and computer network must be moved to your new location. To move it properly, do a complete inventory of all of your gear… You will be surprised to find out a […]

Phone Systems for Businsses VoIP

If you are under 30 handsets and your phone system is older than 5 years get a price for a replacement system. Your biggest issue is one of outage and not being able to be in contact with your customers. You can only forward your main line to someone’s cell phone for so long. A […]